Technical details

With the manual laser station WorkstationBASIC, ACI offers a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use entry-level system into laser material marking according to laser class 1.

Main features of the WorkstationBASIC in comparison to other ACI laser stations are the manual door and manual z-axis with an axis stroke of 150 mm. The door can be opened and closed with manual holders (left and right on the housing). The z-axis can be adjusted with a round wheel at the front of the housing.


WorkstationBASIC can be equipped with a rotary axis for wraparound circumferential marking. Optionally, the system can be delivered with a desktop or industrial PC and a laser smoke extraction device suitable to the application. The system can also be operated with a customer-specific PC or existing extraction.

Fields of application

WorkstationBASIC has been especially designed for the use in combination with the fibre laser DFLVentus Marker of the EconomyFIBRE serie but is also combinable with other ACI fibre lasers. Typically, this laser system is used for small up to medium-sized quantities.


The marking software MagicMark used with the WorkstationBASIC enables the marking of texts, graphics, codes such as DataMatrix or barcodes, serial numbers, logos and wraparound circumferential marking on rotationally symmetrical workpieces. An intelligent rights management system enables the establishment of different operator groups, thus allowing customisation of the system to the user’s individual requirements. Even semiautomatic operation with independent data exchange to different data sources is possible without any problems. MagicMark is included in the scope of the laser delivery.

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Dimensions: 450mm x 705 mm x 770 mm
Clamping Area: T-Slot plate 340 mm x 360 mm
z-Axis: 150 mm travel distance
Laserclass: 1
Rotary-Axis: 360° (optional)


EconomyFibre: in series

Laserclass 1: in series
USB 2.0 / RS 232: not possible / not possible
Focus-finder: not possible
Motor-driven x-Axis: not possible
Motor-driven y-Axis: not possible
Motor-driven z-Axis: not possible
Rotary-Axis: in series
Integrated control panel: optionally
Large laser protection window: not possible
Electrical door: in series
Foil management: not possible

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