YAG Laser Welder

YAG Laser Welder LW-Y8 / LW-Y20 / LW-Y50 / LW-Y150 / LW-Y300

It is Widely Used in Precision Metal Welding!

This is a standard YAG laser welder which is most suitable for precision welding of electronic components.

  • It is Useful for Wide Range of Applications from Ultraprecision Components to Mechanical Parts
    We are offering a line-up consisting of five models
  • Stable High Quality Welding is Realized
    It is equipped with an energy feedback control function
  • It is Applicable to Multi-point Simultaneous Welding
    Up to four branched output is possible
  • Welding Quality Control is Realized Without Fail
    Output energy (J) and average power (W) are monitored simultaneously
Major Applications Exciter Source Laser Medium
Metal Welding (from ultra-precise components to mechanical components) Flash Lamp Nd:YAG Rod

Oscillation Waveform

Beam Profile


tems LW-Y8 LW-Y20 LW-Y50 LW-Y150 LW-Y300
Max Rated Power 8W 20W 50W 150W 300W
Application Precision welding of electronic components and medical components Electronic component field such as termination of coil Cu wire for motors, tab welding for batteries and welding of optical components It is useful in wide range of applications from electronic components and medical components to automobile components
  • Deep weld penetration is improved by oscillation of higher brightness laser beam even at the same energy level
  • Uniform weld penetration is maintained and stable welding can be achieved in continuous output or simultaneous output as well
  • High and stable output
  • It is applicable to spot welding of highly reflective material, such as Cu, Al or Au, where high energy level is required and to seam welding where repetitive output is required

Welding Image









Oscillator Structure









Items LW-Y8 LW-Y20 LW-Y50 LW-Y150 LW-Y300
Wave Length 1064nm
Max Rated Power 8W (Class 4) 20W (Class 4) 50W (Class 4) 150W (Class 4) 300W (Class 4)
Guide Beam 650nm
Max Pulse Energy 8 J/P 20 J/P 50 J/P 70 J/P
Max Pulse Width 20.0ms 30.0ms
Pulse Repetition Rate 0.1 – 20Hz 0.1 – 99Hz 0.1 – 200Hz
Power Sharing Max 4
Cooling Method Air Water
Power Source AC200/220V 1Φ 8A AC200/220V 3Φ 18A AC200/220V 3Φ 25A AC200/220V 3Φ 48A
Dimension / Weight W410 x D845 x H790mm 130kg W530 x D1170 x H1030mm 250kg W530 x D1170 x H1030mm 250kg W650 x D1335 x H1045mm 360kg

Branched Version

The laser beam output from the oscillator can be branched and output simultaneously through multiple light paths or output sequentially from multiple light paths.
Branched version can be selected at the time of order placement.

Single Branch


  • The laser beam is output from one light path
  • The laser beam of preset value is output



Time Branching (2 – 4 Branches)


  • The laser beam is output in sequence from multiple light paths
  • The laser beam of preset value is output by switching the light paths




Simultaneous Branching (2 – 4 Branches)


  • The laser beam is output simultaneously from the branched light path
  • The output energy per branch equals the value obtained by dividing the preset value by the number of branches



Simultaneous 2 and Times 2 Branches


  • The laser beam is output in sequence for 2 light paths at a time
  • The output energy per branch equals half of the preset value



Output Head

  • This is a head to fabricate the work by focusing the laser beam output from the optical fiber
  • We have different models available including the small sized standard type suitable to be equipped on machines and a model with a CCD camera which enables welding while observing the welding position by a camera
  • Furthermore, focal length of the output head and lens diameter can be selected depending on the working distance or high repetition application














  • Our laser welder products comply with the “Safety of laser products” of Japanese Industrial Standards and the “Preventive measures against interference by laser beam”, a notice from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • When using a laser welder, please make sure to follow the instruction manual and label or caution note displayed on or attached to the product.

Laser Beam

  • Our laser welder products correspond to class 4 laser. Make sure not to have the beam emitted from the laser welder get directly into your eyes.
    Even the reflected light or the scattered light is very dangerous. Be careful not to have the light get into your eyes.
  • In case the laser beam is irradiated on human body, there is a possibility for a serious interference to be caused. Be sure to wear a laser protection gear within an area where the laser beam may reach you.
  • Do not irradiate laser beam into the air. Be sure to terminate.
  • Do not irradiate laser toward an inflammable object. A fire may be caused.

High Voltage

  • When replacing a flash bulb or removing the power supply cover, turn the power OFF and wait for 5 minutes before doing so.
  • Be sure to ground the ground terminal of the chassis.

Handling of Laser Welder

  • Appoint a laser safety administrator.
  • Establish a laser controlled zone for safety control.
  • Never modify the equipment.

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