Tooling, Fixturing, and Equipment Modification

We’ve separated out tooling, fixturing, and modification because in some ways it requires a different mindset than building equipment. The focus needs to be less about flexibility and more about specific requirements, and it needs to understand a particular product’s lifespan and cost of tooling over that life. It requires that we understand in great detail what the failure modes of the assembly are and how they can be eliminated or mitigated. Because of that, our most senior process engineers are deeply involved in our tooling, fixturing, and modification projects.


  • 3D CAD designs and direct-to-CAM capability
  • In-house machining
  • Dedicated external machine shops
  • Metals
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Polymers and engineered hybrid materials
  • Surface treatments, including anodization, fluoropolymer, and diamond-like coatings


  • Deep process knowledge facilitating tooling that works for the process, not against it
  • 24/7 design capability with 3D models in the design proposal
  • 24/7 machining capability available
  • Materials stock for common materials
  • Precision equipment manufacturer mentality
  • Rigorous, documented process controls
  • Test-fitting and design confirmation at our site when possible