Assembly Design and Review Services

Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) and Anisotropic Conductive Paste (ACP) have been around for almost 30 years. They are widely-used in display assembly, but if you haven’t worked in the display industry as a packaging engineer, it is very likely that you have only a limited amount of experience with these materials. Ito Group has been working with ACF since before there were commercially available products. This experience can be yours if you decide to work with us to develop your ACF or ACP bonding process.

Ito Group maintains two ACF Applications Labs, one in Tempe, Arizona at Ito America’s headquarters and one in Tokyo, Japan near Ito Corporation’s head office. We maintain a selection of bonding equipment at each facility and work closely with the main ACF suppliers to have a variety of ACF materials available for testing and process development. These facilities are available for testing or debugging a design or process as well as for complete development efforts.

The first step in developing any ACF bonding solution is to make sure that the assembly design is correct and follows the recommended design guidelines for ACF assembly. Ito Group can provide the following services to assist you in this effort.

Review of an existing design to improve manufacturability or yield.
Review of a new design to improve manufacturability or yield.
Full design services for simple or complex ACF/ACP assemblies.

Past projects have included industrial inkjet heat designs, medical sensor designs, COF packages, RFID assemblies, display assemblies, CMOS camera modules, and flex-on-board (FOB) assemblies.

Once a design has been selected, it needs to be tested and a process developed that maximizes the manufacturability and yield of the final product. Our ACF Applications Labs can assist in this as well by providing the following services.

ACF selection.
Equipment selection.
Tooling design and implementation for existing or new equipment.
ACF bonding process development and reliability testing for new processes or designs.
ACF bonding process auditing and optimization for existing processes or designs.

Our testing capability includes the following. Some testing is done in-house and some is done through relationships with outside facilities.

Peel strength
FTIR Spectrometry and Analysis
Pressure Scanning (See the specific page on Pressure Scanning here.)

Because the scope and complexity of these kinds of services can vary greatly, please contact either the US or Japan offices at the links above to talk with one of our engineers. We will work with you to develop a proposal that meets your technical and budgetary requirements.