Service is part of Ito Group’s DNA — to the point that we’ve incorporated the image of a person with their hands outstretched, offering help, into our logo. It is very literally who we are.

Service comes in many forms. It can be in the form of installation and afterservice care on your most important manufacturing lines, whether we have sold them or not. It can be found in our ability to do process development, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It is always part of every proposal we make, because we know that providing more than what was requested opens up possibilities for everyone at the table.

Service is also how we gain trust. Many of our biggest partners are involved in very high volume manufacturing. Everyone who does this level of production knows that problems will happen. That is never the question. The question is how often they happen and how do you handle them.

At Ito Group, we always work proactively to service our equipment, our processes, and our partners themselves to limit defects and downtime. And when defects or downtime happen, we are there 100% to fix the issue, never to point fingers. When the issue is resolved, we dedicate additional time to analyze the source of the problem and develop rational, pragmatic approaches to reducing or limiting them in the future.

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