Pressure Scanning

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    Pressure Scanning™ offers a new way to see deformation and pressure variation within your ACF bond.

    Pressure Scanning™ is a proprietary service offered by Ito Group for looking inside your ACF assembly while pressure is being applied. Because it looks at pressure distribution during the assembly process, Pressure Scanning™ provides a better understanding of how your product is deforming as the ACF or ACP is cured.

    In the video below, we see a CMOS camera module that is being assembled using ACF. This camera module had a higher than expected defect rate for several connection on one side of the bond. Cross-sectional analysis of the assembly after bonding showed that the area with higher defects was showing marginal ACF particle connection, but standard prescale film readings of the product and fixture did not show any problems. After a Pressure Scanning™ analysis, we could clearly see that the module was deforming under pressure and this was the cause of the problem. Further analysis showed us why the deformation was taking place and allowed a solution to be implemented to fix the problem.

    Ito Group offers Pressure Scanning™ as a standard and free service to our ACF and ACF Bonding Equipment customers when they work with us to develop a new process or fixture. For other companies we offer this service on a fee basis. Please contact the office nearest you for more information. A full introduction to the technology is also available to download at the following link.

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